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Cico is a world famous bboy and Bente is a great dancer.
Together decided to match their abilities in a new concept of dance.
We looked for a location and found an awsome abandoned factory in the north of Italy.
Filmed with Panasonic AF101, lenses Canon EF 24-70, 70-200, Lumix 14-20-45
Color Correction with Magic Bullet Colorista and Looks
Morning Train - TOUCH THE BLUE by Stephen Green
Platinum Sky - Last War by Platinum Sky

Jengafilm is proud to show you two great dancers in a new performance.
ABC, Art and Sport find their way together. Modern Dance and Breakdance.

Producer Marta Ridolfi for Jengafilm
Talent: Bente Weiler and Cico Mauro Peuruzzi
Filmmaker: Christian Cinetto
Editor: Alice Ranzato
Still photo: Mauro Puccini